Staff Augmentation

staffaugDocument, content and social media projects require specific skillsets that are built on a foundation of broad experience and extensive training. These skills come from years of working on difficult, complex information projects and being part of highly innovative teams. These skills may also come from working in specific industries, such as the Insurance, Pharmaceutical and Finance areas.

Many of our clients require specific, point skills to augment and support their critical content, document and social media projects. Their projects are already staffed with managers and leaders driving the effort; now they simply need outstanding ‘doers’ to get the job done well, on-time and within budget. Our clients demand top-notch personnel who, on Day 1, can take on the hard tasks and start working them to completion and without hand-holding. They need people who don’t require on-the-job training or experience.

InFuture LLC provides these contracting resources directly for our clients’ efforts. Whether our clients require support in taxonomy development, technical architecture design, setting up a governance structure, planning a large migration effort or just need some help PMOing a large project, InFuture LLC delivers these contracting resources at a reasonable rate.

Eventually all projects end and the contractors leave. Rather than have flurry of transitional activity at the end of the project, our people work closely with you during the entire project to reduce the transitional rush. We know that a transition is more than sending over the final deliverables; it is ensuring that your internal group understands our deliverables and has the skill to apply and update them without us on-site.

InFuture LLC personnel are not novices; they are true experts that support your project from the very start of their engagement with your company. Let InFuture LLC help you staff your project with personnel that are going to make you successful on the first day they walk through your door.

Deep expertise and experience are not created during a 4-day seminar where the participant receives a “Master’s” degree certificate in ECMS, knowledge management, content management or social media. Expertise is built on years of experience and many different projects.