Retiring Workforce

retiringwrkfceMany of the organizations with which InFuture regularly consults are regularly faced with the loss of experienced and valued employees. The loss may come through retirement, layoffs, promotions or turnover. In each of these cases, the organization loses significant intellectual capital that is very difficult to recover and restore.

The cost of these losses is difficult to measure. But, the impact is certainly felt as content, information, and documents can no longer be found, Social Networks break down, and ‘smooth’ business processes and client responsiveness degrade. Losing critical people directly impacts the business. However, few businesses have the capabilities to capture the intellectual property and knowledge before it leaves with exiting employees.

As the economy improves, ‘Baby Boomers’ retire, and cost cutting takes on more urgent timing, employees leaving without transitioning their ‘knowledge’ to their employer is a far more common occurrence than it was even last year. Most organizations have few processes in place to mine the tacit and explicit knowledge of the departing employee, understand their network of personnel that they have built over years to do their jobs, inventory the content and knowledge produced or transition any of these capabilities to the replacement personnel quickly and efficiently.

InFuture LLC has built a suite of advanced solutions that can be quickly tailored to our clients’ technical and business environment. Our expertise allows us to help our clients quickly and efficiently and in a cost-effectively reduce the impact of employees leaving the organization.

Our approach to integrating business, functional and technical solutions allows InFuture LLC to help our clients address retiring and exiting workforce issues quickly and effectively while the employee is still on-site. InFuture LLC’s Retiring Workforce Solutions provide a comprehensive suite of resources, methods and technologies to mitigate the impact of personnel losses to your business.