Phase 0™

Sometimes one of the biggest challenges on a social media, document or content project is just knowing where to start an ECMS effort! Often new content efforts are preceded by the following questions:

  • How large is the initial Phase 1 project and what is the scope of the entire project?
  • Which group should be the first to use the system and how should the system be rolled into other groups over subsequent phases?
  • How much will the project cost and, as importantly, what would be the return?
  • How does this content project impact other planned or underway efforts in our organization?
  • What were the best technologies to use and vendors with which to partner?
  • How many and of what type of internal and external resources will be needed across each of the project phases?

InFuture LLC’s Phase 0™ answers all of these questions accurately and within a very compressed timeframe so that fact-based decisions can rapidly be made by organizational leadership.

We have conducted numerous Phase 0™ efforts across most industries. And while the Phase 0™ approach differs slightly between industries, the questions and concerns about document, content and social media projects generally do not. InFuture LLC quickly provides very specific and precise answers to your concerns about initiating or expanding a content effort. Our methodology for Phase 0™ has been honed by helping numerous clients globally make swift, important strategic and financial decisions about their content projects.

Phase 0™ is designed for re-use. Every Phase 0™ output document is used as a precursor into the PMO and design deliverables of the ultimate project. Nothing is wasted. Phase 0™ projects are short, lasting generally no longer than 6 – 8 weeks. Many have a shorter timeframe. InFuture LLC has all the templates and deliverables necessary to start your project immediately, saving your organization both time and budget.