Automating HR Processes

hrOne of the largest institutes of the National Institutes of Health needed to address significant inefficiencies with a manual, time-intensive, and clerical processing of its personnel career appointments and salary activities outside the standard GS-level pay standards. With up to 30 different individual transactions and efforts underway at any given time, it was impossible to track the status and progress of any one effort. Significant rework was the norm.

Numerous end-to-end manual processes by different parties were undertaken within the Institute to process appointments, changes to salary, promotions and terminations. Each of these activities involved processing, review and approvals from many different personnel from within the Institute, collaboration with labs, and work with other groups such as HR prior to final approval by the Institute Pay Board.

After detailed analysis, InFuture LLC developed the strategy, design, and deployed advanced content management capabilities using an integrated OpenText Livelink and SharePoint 2010 solution to:

  • Automate steps within the process through structured workflow to reduce overall cycle time;
  • Improve the quality of the pay processes and outputs through the use of version control and content alerts;
  • Store all pay process content utilizing enhanced metadata tagging for content repurpose to improve overall content quality;
  • Enable the ability to quickly find prior drafts and final products that were currently stored in multiple shared folders and employee email;
  • Reduce the involvement of email within the primary Division, between the Division and other Institute groups, and between the Division and other NIH Institutes as it relates to the pay business processes.
  • Provide framework to provide end-to-end automation through HR review and Institute Pay Board approvals.

InFuture LLC program managed the entire solution process. From conducting detailed business requirements and processes interviews with Institute leadership, to processes mapping key business activities of the appointment and payment processes and finally to managing the entire SDLC process to its successful conclusion, InFuture LLC led the project efforts. InFuture LLC also designed and led the training for the solution delivering it directly to the user base.