ECMS Technologies

techselectionDocument, social and content management capabilities encompass a wide range of technical functionalities; there are easily 50 or more individual, separate capabilities within this space. And while this broad range of capability provides a certain amount of flexibility to our clients, it also creates a great deal of confusion and, occasionally, project implementation issues.

In our experience, even for the largest companies, only a small subset of the 50+ different content capabilities is necessary to address the most difficult and complex content opportunities. Most companies purchase far more software than they need to get their job done well.

Document and content software vendors vary greatly in their functional capabilities. Some vendors have a rather narrow, niche set of functionalities (e.g. most search vendors); while others have a very broad suite of capabilities (e.g. MS SharePoint). How does an organization “mix and match” vendor packages to not only eliminate functional gaps, but reduce functional redundancy?

Knowing the type of functionality and the extent of that functionality required is the absolute first step before making any technical or vendor decisions. Does your group need document workflow? How complex is the workflow? Do you require internal-only or internal and external workflow? Is the workflow simple or are there numerous parallel steps across multiple groups…and so on. Having these specific requirements in mind defined which vendors should be considered and which vendors need to be set aside.

InFuture LLC regularly helps our clients match their specific functional needs to the appropriate software vendor packages. We provide our clients with options that help them make appropriate decisions based on their sensitivity to costs, timing and functional requirements. InFuture LLC is able to quickly assist our clients with their functional architecture designs and vendor selection decisions.

Our personnel are experts in major content, document and social media technical vendors. Because we implement these technologies regularly, we know their strengths, their weaknesses and the critical facts that aren’t shared on a software vendor’s website or by the vendor sales representatives.

InFuture LLC is 100% independent of all vendors. We help our clients make informed decisions without any bias towards any vendor. We also help our clients mix and match vendor ‘stacks’ to remove functional gaps, reduce functional overlaps and drive costs down to the lowest possible price point.