Taxonomy Design

taxonomyTaxonomy design is a fundamental activity in all document, content and social media systems. It defines how documents and information are stored and retrieved within every content, document or social media management system, including SharePoint, Jive, Documentum, LiveLink and so on. Taxonomy design is a critical component of all content systems projects. With a comprehensive and well-built taxonomy, search engines, portals, authoring and editing tools operate far more efficiently for end users.

Today’s content, document and social media projects are more reliant on strong taxonomy designs. Records management, business process management, advanced security models and complex multi-step workflows all rely on an underlying taxonomy design within the content system. Taxonomy underpins the most advanced content and document functionalities and supports the system’s integrity.

One thing we learned about taxonomy over the past decades is that there is no generic taxonomy for individual industries. With deference to the Dublin Core initiative that provides a 100,000’ taxonomy and metadata view, no organization looks generically at their content or in the exact same way as another organization. These differences cannot be ignored.

There are taxonomy similarities, however, between companies in the same industry. These similarities that can be leveraged to significantly reduce the overall taxonomy design and development phase on your project. We provide these templates on Day 1.

InFuture LLC builds numerous taxonomy designs yearly for our clients in a variety of different industries. Our people are not only skilled taxonomy and metadata experts; they have extensive backgrounds in the most pervasive social media, content and document technologies. Our clients receive not just taxonomy design documents but deliverables that can be quickly implemented into their chosen content system with little modification necessary for your developers. In addition, we have hundreds of ready-built taxonomy and metadata templates that can quickly be tailored to your specific needs and technologies.

A good content architecture is a true investment in a long-term document, social or content strategy. It can be moved between technologies, shared across technical layers (e.g. in the search environment) and updated easily. Many of our clients have used the content architecture designed for them for over a decade.