Social Media

social_mediaSocial Media (SM) technologies and capabilities continue to drive deeply into corporate environments to support marketing efforts, knowledge exchanges and personnel augmentation and communications. The promises of connecting employees to each other and also to the customer via a ubiquitous set of tools are being realized daily. This is even more pervasive with mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets. It has never been easier to mediate and share human communications in support of business and personal relationships. Web 2.0 continues to thrive in the form of SM resulting in definable, consistent and sustainable internal and competitive advantage.

Social Media is an aggregate of multiple technologies including blogs, wikis, micro-blogging (e.g. Twitter), videos, podcasts and so on. The challenge is to identify which of these capabilities (or a combination of these capabilities) is appropriate for your organization. Similar to Enterprise Content Management or Knowledge Management, most organizations don’t need all SM capabilities but require only a select few to attain the success that they require for their company.

Rarely have we seen a SM technology solution alone lead to any real business return. A successful SM strategy and solution involves much more than buying a technical solution, like Jive. Although technology is an important part of the answer; it is only one component of the ultimate solution. Other non-technical areas are equally as important; InFuture LLC helps our clients navigate these areas successfully and supports the SM technology selection, design and implementation.

InFuture LLC regularly integrates SM into our clients’ organizations. From helping them decide which Web 2.0 capabilities and technologies are appropriate for their business objectives to strategically placing SM into new or existing content environments, InFuture LLC’s methods have been proven consistently with successful across numerous industries and social media technologies.

Our people have been involved with the SM revolution since its start. Let us help you be part of that revolution.

A recent client purchased both SharePoint and Jive. A lot of time was wasted in numerous discussions and pilots determining how to implement both systems vis-à-vis their significant SM redundancies. This subsequently delayed rollout and increased their project costs. SM capabilities may already exist in your current technologies.