Records Mgmt.

RMThe past few years have seen a remarkable increase in the implementation of records management (RM) capabilities throughout almost every industry. Whether ‘content’ is stored in a shared drive, SharePoint, Livelink, Jive, personal hard drives, email, IM or backed-up off-site on tape or DVD, it is discoverable by the opposing party during litigation. Failure to produce all legal action related content within one to two business weeks can result in the organization being sanctioned under contempt of court. In addition, all such eDiscoverable content must be placed into a legal hold …while the company continues to operate and do its business with and around that content.

RM’s impact on conventional and established content and document environments and their functional requirements is enormous. Organizations that ‘live with’ hundreds, if not thousands, of individual shared drives, repositories and internal content management systems now need account for all their content items. Content approaches and tools that previously met the needs of the organization even most recently are now woefully inadequate.

While RM technologies may provide certain helpful functionalities, often the organization is unable to take advantage of these because their content environment is disjointed. For example, the same mission critical content is stored in multiple locations. Multiple versions exist of the same information. Content exists that protects intellectual property, but it is buried in subdirectories of subdirectories on a little used server and un-findable.

No RM technology can support a disorganized or disjoined content environment…irrespective what an RM software vendor says. Your content house needs to be in-order to use RM technologies effectively.

InFuture LLC regularly helps our clients connect the needs of legal counsel, the CIO and the business to the reality and legality of records management. Each party has a role to play in a successful RM approach and solution. Even though the roles, the priorities and the deliverables are different amongst the groups, InFuture LLC is able to design a RM approach and solution that meets the needs of all groups. Our experts understand how to help you move from your current content situation to one that address the RM requirements of the legal, IT and other user groups and that enables a strong RM technology.