Portal Interface Design

Computers are our life.The Portal is the window into the organization’s content, document and social media environment. It provides for the delivery of content and documents to the end user, controls access and permissions, provides intuitive navigation and aggregates content and other systems applications into a single environment. In addition to all of these features, portals today are pervasive across the users’ desktops, notebooks, tablets and smartphones. They are also tailored to the user as an employee, a customer or as a partner.

A successful portal design effort is created from a balance of the appropriate volume of content, the appropriate mix of social and document information and the proper navigational. Irrespective of the technology, whether SharePoint, Livelink, Alfresco, Documentum, or Oracle, a portal effort is driven by the user requirements for content and information.

A successful portal effort always has these needs documented well in advance of any technical design or implementation.

InFuture LLC designs and builds portals in the most advanced technologies providing an outstanding set of capabilities to our clients’ end-users. It isn’t unusual to see over a 500% ROI from a successful portal implementation. Attaining these results has little to do with the technology vendor, however. Any number of technologies today can act as a strong portal, rendering and controlling content to users. Successful portal design and development is 80% about understanding the content, document and social media needs of the end users and provisioning the content for them effectively.

Our approach and model for portal design and development directly address the complexities of technical, user role and integration aspects across multiple technologies, organization industries and employee functions. This approach has been successfully tested again and again in the most difficult and complex environments globally. InFuture LLC helps our clients quickly define the needs of their users and create the design elements necessary to immediately start a strong portal initiative and project.

One of the most successful portal projects that we’ve done involved with was built on simple DHTML. The business result was over a 1,000% ROI with millions of British pounds of savings. Advanced technology is definitely not required to obtain exceptional results.