Information Governance (IG)

governanceThere are a number of different facets to governance and management strategies associated with content, document and social environments. Governance and management approaches will take on different characteristics depending on the technologies in place, where the project effort is along the lifecycle and the type of content being controlled. These approaches may involve steering and oversight committees; they may involve content and taxonomy standards; they may involve measures and metrics along with management accountability.

While governance and management implementations can take on many forms, we found that the objective of governance and management can be distilled to the following:

To attain the organizational and financial benefits expected from the content environment within the agreed upon timeframe and budget.

A strong governance and management effort is probably the one area of any content project that will differentiate its success or its failure.

InFuture LLC regularly works with our clients to define an appropriate governance and management strategy and level for their content-focused solutions and for their project state. Our personnel have led large, global content and social media projects and have the skill sets to support our clients in all phases of the governance or management effort. Our personnel also come loaded with templates and examples of many successful governance projects.

We are able to start from the middle, not just from the beginning. Most importantly, we are able to assist our clients in obtaining the financial and organizational benefits expected by their leadership.

One of our clients released SharePoint to their organization…without any governance. Within 6 months there were well over 200 SharePoint sites, each with different look and feel, redundant content, and differing category structures for the same information and so on. Retroactively addressing this problem is possible, but it is expensive, time consuming and politically damaging.