ECMS Strategy & Planning

The term ECM (enterprise content management) encompasses a variety of different tools, techniques, technologies and approaches that support social, document and content environments inside and outside an organization. In fact, there are easily 40+ areas under the ECM umbrella including social media, records management, document management, externally and internally facing intranets and portals, search engines, shared drives and so on.

ECM’s broad definition is a strength and a challenge. ECM can solve any number of business, content problems and issues…but success requires identifying the specific ECM tools to use and then implementing them as an integrated solution set, not as isolated islands of capability and information. Another important objective is to choose and implement the appropriate technologies that meet technical requirements while reducing functional overlaps and redundancies.

At InFuture LLC, we help our clients design their ECM environment, select the appropriate vendors, plan the project and undertake a number of activities that support the implementation. We successfully planned, designed, and implemented hundreds of global, national and local ECM services supporting a number of different roles across all major ECM technologies.

Our Enterprise content management strategies and services include the selection, design and implementation of high quality content technologies such as SharePoint, Jive, Alfresco, Livelink and others. Our services also integrate the other components necessary to get real value from your investment. Examples include content architecture/taxonomy design, governance and management establishment, business and workflow designs, change management planning, content and document migration, etc.

InFuture LLC provides skilled personnel who have designed and implemented ECM solutions many times. Not only are our people driven to make our clients successful, they have decades of experience with proven successes. They are backed up by advanced deliverables successfully used many times world-wide; their skills are honed to perfection by years of leading complex ECM projects.

An ECM solution is more than just technology. InFuture LLC integrates appropriate ECM strategy, services, capabilities and approaches to make a positive and long-lasting change in your organization.

If your current ECM vendor spends more than 40% of your time talking about ECM technologies, then you may wish to consider InFuture LLC’s broader, more holistic and highly successful approaches.