Content Migration

migrationFew project managers have the luxury of implementing a new social, content or document environment in a new company that has yet to generate any content or documents. Usually, any new content solution effort is also accompanied by the need to care for legacy content and documents (paper-based and electronic) that have to be moved or migrated into the new content or document environment.

Building a new content or document environment can be interesting and exciting. Migrating content… not so much. This is due to the significant amount of planning, effort and risk associated with the migration effort. End users, whether they are internal, partners or customers, require clean, rationalized, categorized and segmented content on Day 1 of the new environment’s release. Therefore, content migration design, planning and execution is one of the most critical phases in any successful social, document or content project.

InFuture LLC’s migration approaches and technologies will mitigate much of the pain, risk and resource requirements ensuring that upon rollout of the new system that your people have access to the appropriate information and documentation necessary to do their jobs.

InFuture LLC offers four different service levels that support our clients’ migration efforts:

  1. Planning, designing and resource estimates of the migration effort;
  2. Managing and tracking content and document migration during the project;
  3. Applying available or custom migration technologies to automate the migration process; and
  4. Resourcing subject matter experts to augment and support content review, filtering and tagging.

Whether the current content and document libraries are in shared drives, on personal hard drives, in old content management systems or even on paper, InFuture LLC helps support our clients’ efforts. We can also augment their internal content resources. We can help you successfully plan, design, undertake and complete your content and document migration effort efficiently and effectively.

One of our recent clients had 7.2 man-years of content migration to move into a new Enterprise Content Management system from their old shared-drives. With our help, this client rolled out their Phase 1 ECM effort in less than 7 months using InFuture LLC’s services and approaches.