Data Protection and Privacy


Data protection and privacy implementations are multi-faceted, complex business efforts facing many of our clients. They encompass the methods to control, manage and secure not only customer, patient, client and marketing PII data and content, but also the company’s own employee HR information. Data security and privacy activities also plan and prepare for potential company data breaches caused by the mishandling, loss, theft or hacking of repositories by internal and external parties. Breach planning and preparation is a multi-pronged approach which includes implementing administrative, technical and physical security precautions as well as defining and testing the business, technical, legal and PR processes executed upon a breach event.

InFuture LLC has helped our clients mitigate their data security and privacy risks and issues for a number of years through the measured application of data and privacy strategies and planning, program implementations and incident management services. Our proven global methodology is used and has been implemented numerous times by US and European clients to initiate or augment their data security and privacy environments and activities.

At a high-level, InFuture LLC’s approach to assist our clients include the following three key areas, from initial planning through implementation and containment:

  • Scoping and Planning Data Protection and Privacy Environments
    The planning phase includes the creation and leadership approval of a comprehensive data security, privacy policy and a breach response plan. Undertaking organizational change management and leadership initiatives to align personnel to corporate privacy activities and the afore mentioned policy. Reviewing and inventorying the information, content and technical infrastructure components to be managed and controlled under the security and privacy policy. Preparing employee, regulatory, and customer privacy notification processes and tracking any issues.
  • Designing and Implementing Data Protection and Privacy Environments
    Data protection and privacy crosses almost all key business areas: Technology, legal, compliance, human resources, customer services and finance. And like any large organizational program, OPM efforts require established leadership and management, detailed work planning, resource allocations, organizational alignment, business process designs and modifications and technology implementations. All from a comprehensive privacy and security perspective.
  • Establishing and Testing Incident and Breach Management Procedures
    Breach management is absolutely critical to any data protection and privacy effort. The cost of breaches includes fines (regulatory and civil), loss of professional reputation and trust, and other negative business impacts. Defining how privacy incidents are managed, processed and controlled prior to an incident will mean the difference a minor business incident or one that deeply impacts the company and its executives for years.

InFuture LLC’s data security and privacy approaches are comprehensive, traverse organizational boundaries and include both the technical and non-technical practices necessary to significantly reduce privacy-related incidents and to prepare your organization for any potential information privacy breaches.