InFuture LLC has created a suite of distinct but integrated consulting services which together help our clients achieve success in their social media, document management and content projects. Our services include technology design and implementation of the marketplace’s most advanced and pervasive content and social media systems. Our non-technical services, however, bridge the difference between a good content system and a content solution that creates a quantum leap in business capability.

InFuture LLC’s individual content and document management services are distinct and independent. We know that some clients may have, for example, their taxonomy design already completed. But they may need support in creating a workable records management design or help in migrating 10,000+ documents to their new system. Our clients engage us to help them in the areas that are project outliers and beyond their currently available resources. We’ve created services that can be individually mixed and matched to support your project’s specific needs and gaps.

InFuture LLC provides personnel that are true experts in our individual service areas. Our personnel also come armed with a large number of example deliverables, templates and best and proven practices for the specific service area you need help with. By engaging InFuture LLC, you’ll get outstanding personnel on your projects who are experts in your desired service needs; you’ll also get the benefit of having access to numerous example deliverables successfully created by our organization for that specific service.

Let InFuture LLC’s services help you create your organization’s successful document management, content management and social media solutions.