Government ConceptInFuture LLC is a US Federal Government-certified consulting organization for providing information, document, content and knowledge management and social media services.

To obtain the GSA certification, InFuture LLC was required to provide US Federal auditors numerous examples of successful information projects, testimonials from satisfied clients and detailed financial records of our organization. GSA Certification assures you that we’ve been vetted against the most stringent financial and project success metrics in our industry and in our specialities.

Our GSA services include the technical and non-technical components for these areas of information management efforts. Our full suite of offerings allows your agency to reduce the number of vendors it needs to procure to undertake information and content projects. We are also considered a GSA-certified small, disadvantaged business.

InFuture LLC has worked with state and federal government agencies for many years. We are often entrusted with the most difficult, complex and critical document and content projects because of our skill set, background and independence. Our rates are among of the lowest in the GSA schedule in this area.

InFuture LLC is completely independent from all software and hardware vendors. We represent no other companies’ products or services; we receive no referral fees or any form of kickbacks from other organizations based on our recommendations. We will not make any recommendations or suggestions that are not in your agencies best interest.

Our personnel are experts in document, content and knowledge management and social media. We have led and managed large information projects for many years for the largest and most successful consulting organizations globally; including Accenture, Ernst & Young, Deloitte, and Mercer. Our ability to bring experienced personnel to your project along with numerous examples and templates from previous government projects greatly reduces the time and expense of the effort.

Our GSA Contract Information: