commercialInFuture LLC’s clients cross multiple different industries from consumer products to high tech to biotech to financial services. The need for strong document, content and social media solutions is pervasive in the marketplace and across every industry; the demand for these project types is only increasing.

Many consulting companies focus on one industry. We’ve found, however, that the solutions we’ve developed for Industry A in many cases are directly applicable and reusable in Industry B. It is this cross-pollination of ideas, deliverables, solutions and knowledge that allows InFuture LLC to not just meet your management’s expectations but to bring new thoughts to the table that greatly improve your project’s results and its return. The ability to re-use solutions across industries reduces project time and budget, as well.

Our clients represent the best of the best in their respective industries. A few examples of clients we’ve serviced include:

Chrysler, AT&T, Detroit Edison, General Motors, Philip Morris, British Telecom, Steel Case, Singapore Airlines, Roche Pharmaceuticals, Vodafone, Sunovion (Sepracor) Pharmaceuticals, Intuit, Verizon, ADP, Allstate Insurance, Autobytel, Centocor, Corning, Cox Communications, EMC Corporation, Marconi, The Art Institute of Chicago, Trend Micro, Yanmar Diesel, Citizen’s Property Insurance, Momenta Pharmaceuticals, Ironwood Pharmaceuticals.

Allow InFuture LLC to bring its broad knowledge of a dozen different industries to bring to bear on your most difficult, complex and valuable document and content efforts.