Cloud synced storage is not content management…yet

I recently received a gigantic amount of free cloud storage from a leading provider. I thought, “Hey, drop your Amazon S4 account, save a few bucks, and continue cloud backup/sync for free!” While I did cancel my S4 / Jungledisk account…which worked flawlessly, I have mild regrets since the new provider’s sync tool is more like a beta (it’s not Jungledisk, Carbonite, or Time Machine). Moreover, it got me thinking about my file drive “content management” and how I still live in the 1980’s, despite designing and building content management solutions for a living!

I have Office 365 for email and SharePoint, but Mac-SharePoint sync is still love-hate. Like the days of my 486SX, I have my files

The cloud-based storage that I’m using allows me to create folders and subfolders. Wow, I’m using Windows Explorer! I can search my folders and files with a traditional free text search. I’m thinking “Finder” now on my Mac.

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