Big Wheel Keep on Rolling: Implementation Balance is the Key to IG and ECMS Success

Information Governance wheel

The big wheel keeps on turning


US-Based IT groups are enamored with technology. We love the ‘new, shiny object’ and spend enormous amounts of money on the latest and greatest. We believe that having the newest and best hardware and software provides with us a greater chance of success and competitive advantage. However, in our experience, it is almost exactly opposite for ECMS and IG efforts. We’ve generally found that the greater the spending on technology, the less chance the ECMS or IG project will be successful.

As both a rookie and highly experienced ECMS and IG consultant, I have been fortunate enough to have worked and lived abroad as an expat. Of my 20 years of doing ECMS and IG work, about 8 years was spent working for clients outside of the US. Most of that time was for clients within the Commonwealth countries, such as the UK, Canada, and Australia. A global perspective is the one thing that one obtains from living and working outside of the US. And I gained a great deal of perspective that has helped us drive successful ECMS and IG implementations for years. We’d like to share some of that perspective with you.

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Start small, scale fast…

I remember the slide and deployment planning mantra “start small, scale fast” from very early in my career working in Accenture’s Human Performance Service Line. I see this corporate lingo bingo is back in vogue with consulting marketeers. Back in the early 2000’s it was a slide that we’d throw into our approach decks in preparation for defining scope for our portal, content or knowledge management integration projects. Even though most of our client projects followed a typical waterfall SDLC methodology, we would advise our clients to bake in iterative prototyping, early adoption usability testing, and focus on manageable scope deployments that provided value early…and often.

Since those days of trying to sell this approach within our program planning, the IT project-sphere has embraced this approach through methodology (Agile), more pay-for-play and bite-sized technology offerings, and the urgent desire to show bottom-line customer value immediately. With the rapid pace of business and technology innovation, large long-term deployments have become the dinosaur of the past for our information management deployments. I believe the deployment of now and the future is to plan, design, and deploy with immediacy, value, and the least business strain on internal and external customers.