ECMS Portal Strategy

strategyA large property insurance provider needed a cohesive enterprise content management approach and architecture. Multiple homegrown, COTS and cloud-based content and document packages were in use across the enterprise. While these systems were satisfying individual user groups’ business requirements, the use of a divergent, disconnected, and isolated content solutions by these groups continued to further silo content and create walls between the business units. An ever increasing budget was being spent on content solutions and systems while the problems were only getting worse.

A government regulatory mandate to implement records management along with a CEO mandate to improve management accountability and transparency added additional complexity and urgency to finding an enterprise content solution. The patchwork of portal, content and document technologies and processes was breaking down.

An approach that created pervasive portal, content and document capabilities for the organization and its groups was needed. The solution needed to have an overall lower total cost of ownership, provide specific ECM, BPM and portal functionalities and meet regulatory and leadership mandates. In addition, the ECM environment needed to be underpinned by comprehensive information governance policies and user support structures.

InFuture LLC worked closely with the  IT, Legal, and Business Unit leadership groups to create a plan that would help the client ‘back out’ of their current content repository approaches and design and implement a phased approach to an enterprise-wide capacity. InFuture LLC interviewed over 78 key leadership and business personnel, aggregated detailed functional requirements and reviewed COTS and cloud-based content management and portal solutions. Vendor options were ranked against functional and technical criteria at the enterprise and group levels and presented to client leadership. A software selection short list was developed by InFuture LLC and approved by leadership.

InFuture also developed a detailed Phase 1 and Phase 2 plan and a Phase 3+ roadmap for sunsetting disparate systems and implementing a common technology and functional platform. A detailed content migration and project cost plan were also created.

The end result was a full analysis of the portal and enterprise content management vendor landscape, mapped against our client’s needs around functional, technical and cultural “best fit.” Coupled with this analysis was a strategy, plan, and next steps to move towards enterprise management of their content ecosystem.

InFuture LLC is currently supporting their detailed design and implementation activities.