Fractional ECM Leader

A mid-sized legal firm needed to provide document and content management capabilities to its staff and its partners. The firm knew that its systems were antiquated; employees used a mixture of shared drives and MS Outlook to share, manage and ‘workflow’ thousands of documents weekly amongst its people. Final document versions were lost, lawyers spent a significant amount of their own time doing basic document management using inferior tools and firm leadership was frustrated at  overall productivity. The Partnership decided that it was not only critical to implement a capable ECM system but it was just as important to integrate the systems’ functional capabilities into the working processes of the firm.

In addition to the technical and functional challenges of a typical ECM implementation, the firm’s leaders recognized that a successful rollout would require a significant cultural change across their 100+ year-old company. They also recognized that the established business processes would change dramatically and that there would be significant resistance from certain groups.

The firm had little experience with document and content management’s technologies, processes and their personnel impacts. They considered appointing a legal Partner to lead the effort. However, there were no volunteers due to the uncertainty of the project’s timeframe and career impact.  They considered hiring a full time ECM director but believed such a decision to go against their firm’s culture and unwise due to the risk of the project. The project also didn’t require a full-time leadership resource. It did require, however, a resource skilled in all aspects of an ECM program, from technology, to content, to culture.

InFuture LLC provided the organization with a highly skilled fractional ECM director that worked directly with leadership to design, plan and rollout an advanced document and content capability across the entire firm. Using moderately priced COTS software, InFuture LLC’s fractional ECM director led the integration of the functional ECM capabilities into the firm’s business process. They also worked closely with HR and firm leadership to address and leverage the firm’s culture to support the program’s success.

After the project was successfully rolled out and moved into maintenance mode, InFuture LLC’s fractional ECM director transitioned the program to a lower level internal resource. InFuture LLC worked side-by-side during the transition process with the new ECM director and provided support to the firm, as necessary, after the transition was completed.

The firm was able to take advantage of a highly skilled ECM resource at a fraction of the cost of full time internal resource.