Contact Agent Support

Call Center Employee Working on ComputerA large industry-focused software development firm with multiple products needed to improve its overall customer service. Web-based support content was out of date and divergent from the information available to the call center agent. Much of the content available to both the customer and the agent was written at a level that was either too technical or too focused on sales. The content had errors, missing procedural steps and information. In addition, it took a significant amount of time for both customers and agents to search and browse for the appropriate support information on the website. When an agent found an error in the content, there was no way to notify the authors; it often took weeks to get content corrected and updated internally and externally.

These problems were exacerbated by high turnover of the agent population and the continuous rollout of new software products that needed support. New agents found the current content systems difficult to navigate and customers found it nearly impossible to find the right information on the web…driving up call volume to the contact centers.

An approach that integrated the content and knowledge approaches for both agents and customers was desperately needed. The approach needed to include new thinking about technology; but it also needed to include a new method for integrating the content efforts and requirements of both authors and users, internal and external.

InFuture LLC worked with client leadership personnel from the IT and Customer Support groups to create an approach that integrated content technologies and strategies. A new, less expensive technology platform was brought online that supported both the agents and the customer information needs using a common content architecture. Agents and customers saw the same helpful information, albeit at a different level of detail. InFuture LLC also helped the client rebuild their content processes so that the correct information at the right level of detail was online within hours, not weeks. A rigorous set of measures and metrics were used to track the value and usefulness of the content items, allowing managers to dynamically change incorrect content.

The latest features of social media were used to continually enhance the value of the customer and agent information repositories. InFuture LLC helped the client integrate the knowledge of the long-term agents into the content authoring process via update and feedback loops and reviews. InFuture LLC also helped the client choose a social media COTS product that captured feedback from the customers’ interaction with the content and fed that feedback directly to the content authors for their review and update.

The end result of the effort was a significant uptick in client satisfaction, agent satisfaction, a reduction of inbound calls to the contact center and an improved “one and done” ratio.