Our Independence

InFuture LLC is completely independent from all vendors and service providers; we have no ‘favorite’ technologies or preferred vendor relationships.

independenceInFuture LLC represents no software vendors, no hardware vendors and no other consulting or contracting firms. We receive no referral fees or kickbacks for our hardware or software recommendations to our clients. We’re vendor agnostic. Our opinions are fact-based and represent the best of our knowledge, our experience and the latest information available. We have no bias towards any specific vendor or technology, save for its ability to deliver quality services and capabilities to our clients.

However, InFuture LLC does have strong, non-financial, non-compensatory relationships with a number of Tier 1 content, document and social media vendors. These relationships were built from many years of working with best available technologies and their people to best support leadership and change management. We use these relationships to the advantage of our clients by getting them access to the best information, ideas and technical resources from potential and chosen vendors.

We have been offered numerous times to partner with technical vendors and have declined their offers. Our complete independence means that you can trust that our consultants bring only their best thinking and experience to the table.

We represent your needs above any vendor or services provider.