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InFuture LLC

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InFuture LLC is a premier business information management and technology consulting firm that specializes in the areas of knowledge management, enterprise content management, and eLearning. InFuture helps companies design innovative business and knowledge processes and deploy data management, content management, knowledge management, and collaboration software tools, systems, and solutions.

54161 Management Consulting Services


Document management, content management, records management, business process management (BPM) and workflow automation, corporate and enterprise portals, business and competitive intelligence, distance learning/eLearning, collaboration and groupware, digital asset management, text analysis, taxonomy and metadata management, search, and other new and emerging information technologies.

All industries, public sector/government, and non-profit organizations.

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InFuture works with clients of all sizes—from small start-ups to Global 1000 companies and leading blue-chip firms.

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Delaware, USA

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Privately-held limited liability company (LLC)