About Us

InFuture LLC started in 2006 with the mission to provide outstanding document management, enterprise content management solutions and knowledge management services and solutions to our clients. Since then, we have expanded into social media and social networking solutions. Together, our services and solutions suites provide a framework on which any content or document related project can be successfully designed and built.

Our personnel are real experts in these areas. Most of them have lead and been part of these types of projects for many years and have held Principal and Partner level roles at some of the finest consulting organizations in the world, including IBM Global Services, Accenture and Ernst & Young. They have successfully helped to implement highly complex and difficult content projects for clients globally.

In addition, many of our people have sat where you are sitting right now. They have been responsible for complex content implementations within their own organizations before they joined InFuture LLC. They understand the challenges you face daily and have navigated these same challenges successfully in their previous roles. We understand how to help your organization make a document, content, ECM, eDiscovery and social media project successful. We also understand how to make you, in your role as leader or as manager, also successful.

We believe that technology provides a strong foundation to a successful content or document project. We have expertise in all major content, enterprise document management and social media technologies in the marketplace, from SharePoint to Documentum to Jive. We know, however, that technology alone will not create your successful solution. Our services are specifically designed to provide you, our client, with both the technical and non-technical capabilities that will exceed your leadership’s expectations and show real returns on your project investments. And because we’ve conducted hundreds of these projects globally, we come to you armed with templates, example deliverables and best practices that greatly reduce your design and implementation timeframe. We don’t reinvent the wheel…ever.

InFuture LLC was created to help our clients successfully address content related projects. Let us help you.